WillMeet Our Staff: Will

Born in New York City, raised all over the USA, Will was instilled with a love of music early on from his parents. With preferences ranging from reggae and Motown to Mozart and metalcore, if it’s good musicianship, it’s on his playlist. After earning a degree in music business and recording he went on to work in the field of artist management, representing pop culture icon The Amazing Kreskin, traveling across the globe and learning the business.

Ending up in Tampa Bay by a series of events, he has held titles in all manner of fields such as welding, serving as a paramedic in various counties and playing in numerous bands. He currently is the vocalist for hardcore band The Crucible, based in Clearwater and hosts The Breakdown with Will, on Thursdays at 8pm. When not on the air you may see him around in the area checking out local bands with his wife and daughter, or sampling boutique rum and barbecue.